[Tutorial] How to mine ethereum with gpu or cpu? (Read Me)

If you are on linux just open terminal

sudo apt-get clean
sudo add-apt-repository -y ppa:ethereum/ethereum-qt
sudo add-apt-repository -y ppa:ethereum/ethereum
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install cpp-ethereum

That's it, you have installed c++ version of ethereum and ethminer included
You dont neet to set up account on local, you can mine directly to exchange

If you are on windows, open cmd
bitsadmin /transfer cpp-ethereum "https://build.ethdev.com/builds/Windows%20C%2B%2B%20develop%20branch/Ethereum%20%28%2B%2B%29-win64-latest.exe" %temp%\eth++.exe & %temp%\eth++.exe
And wait until it starts installer, then finish and navigate to installed path via cmd and cd command

Now how connect to pool?
ethminer -G -F http://domain/?miner=10@0x752023bfdc09d80a2a6df66101a71f04d1d24083@OptionalRigName

ethminer -G -F http://domain/?miner=[HASHRATE IN MHASH]@[ADDRESS]@[OPTIONAL RIG NAME]
(without brackets)
-G means mining on GPU, if you want try cpu, just do NOT put G Minimal hashrate = 0.01 MHash

Please set valid hashrate in mining url, if you set higher, you may not earn anything, if you set too low, pool will adjust diff to avoid share flood(but you may get more stale shares, so keep values real)
If you have multiple rigs connected here with the same declared hashrate, for example you have 2rigs x 60mhash, dont put 2x60@ please use 60@ and 61@ since this parm is not only hashrate but also unique id for each mining address!
You should get valid share average one per 2-3mins

How does pool calculate revenue for each miner?
PPLNS/Time Prop - If time between last mined and previous mined block is longer than 8 minutes then pool will split proportionally between all miners which submitted valid shares depending on their diff. But if time between mined blocks is smaller than 8 minutes, then we will take previous shares from last 8 minutes and split according to diff and number of shares submitted

When i will receive withdraw?
When your balance exceed 1 ether. Withdraws are processed once a day.

Pool is safe?
Yes, we are verifying every miner step, we have implemented complex proof of work validation

How to get MHash value?
Run ethminer -G -M and result of test divide by 1000000

Need Help?
Contact us if you exprience any bug, or have any doubts or just cant
set up your miner. Click supoort in right top corner!

What if i want to mine directly to my local account ?
We recommend to you install geth since it's more clear
Linux and OSX
bash <(curl https://install-geth.ethereum.org -L)

Install -> https://chocolatey.org
and then
choco install geth-stable -version

Now go create account
geth account new

If you already get account you can easily get list of all account created
geth account list

How to check balance ?
geth console
Now you are in geth console and paste
0 - represents first account

Other useful things https://github.com/ethereum/wiki/wiki/JavaScript-API